Thursday, November 7, 2013

Copy..of a copy…of a copy.

Let’s discuss the logic of the phenomenon of this issue that seems to plague leasing offices across the country, one of our top 3 biggest pet peeves; The infamous copy of a copy “original”.

It’s hard for me to understand the logic behind this pattern; oh that’s right, because there is none! There is no economic label attached to this standard of operation as I have witnessed Class A – D properties do it. There is nothing and I mean nothing that makes ANY property look worse. There is no business reason that justifies who knows how many times it’s been copied “original”. What is a solid, good reason to justify saying “Please accept this slightly distorted and possibly slanted piece of paper that is either, A) Property Marketing material:   This level of laziness is what you can expect from us if you move here or,  B) Yes, this is a legal binding piece of paper we expect YOU to take seriously;  however, we obviously do not.”

There is NO reason for it. It’s one of the simplest acts we do all day long. If you no longer have the actual original copy, then take 20 minutes to re-create it. Nothing says more about a community than neat, clean and straight documents. I promise it would be the most productive and beneficial 20 minutes you could spend.

                 Tina Clauder and Linda Hansen

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Common Courtesy

There is a great deal to be said about plain ol’ common courtesy; but, I will not go into a great deal here.  However, I will tell you to not forget the manners your Momma taught you when you were young.  Just in case you want a bit of a refresher, here is a reminder:
  • Treat people with respect.
  • Say “Please” and “Thank You”.
  • Say “I’m sorry” if you bump someone or a similar activity.
  • Create a favorable impression, the first time and every time.
  • Don’t interrupt when someone is talking.
  • Pay attention, Listen, really listen.
  • Show interest, ask questions.
  • Don’t text or talk on your phone when you are in the presence of someone.
  • Help someone who you see needs help, even if it is to hold the door them.
  • Say “Excuse me” and do not push to move around/pass someone.
  • Wave and say thank you to the driver who stops so you can cross the street.
  • Consider people’s feelings.
  • Respond to RSVP’s.
  • Take advantage of an opportunity to give a compliment.
  • Keep commitments. If you say you will do something or go somewhere, carry it through.
  • Wait your turn.
  • If it is empty, don’t put it back in place, throw it away (or recycle).
  • Don’t take something that is not yours, ask permission to borrow it.
  • If you make a mess, clean it up.
  • Don’t be late, or too early.

When dealing with a team mate or a resident, show your good manners and common courtesies. These actions will shout volumes about your character.
Here are some common courtesies your Momma may have taught you about the work place.
  • Do not put callers on speaker phone and if you must, ask for their permission.
  • Your customers (our residents) should receive your smile.  They are the reason you receive a pay check.
  • Return phone calls and emails
  • Over deliver and under promise.
  • Use their name when you are talking to someone.

Please don’t forget common courtesies, I feel too many other people have.
Linda Hansen, ARM, HCCP, NALP