Tuesday, June 14, 2011


By Tina Clauder

How many times have you heard internet leads are not followed; If you’re in property management, probably a lot? According to Bill Rice the CEO of Leads on Track, an estimated 80% of leads are not followed up.

When you go to a restaurant and sit at your table you expect to wait a few moments for your server to arrive in request of your drink order but what if you wait for 10 or 15 minutes?  Do you stay and speak up or do you leave, tired of being ignored? Either option you choose your servers’ tip will most likely reflect your dissatisfaction being put off, especially if you leave. Now think about this from a leasing standpoint? If you receive commissions how much money do you lose out by NOT replying to these leads?

Recently, I was employed with a company and consumed the role of internet lead follow up. Most internet marketing has default automatic, generic responses for each lead that requests more information. These replies are great for a start but many people attach a specific question to their inquiry which unfortunately, most go unanswered. We live in the land of RIGHT NOW. Your prospect doesn’t expect a reply right that minute but they do expect an answer within the day. I checked the property email constantly; replying to an average of 8 leads per day, on a large, property. More than 50% of the leads I followed up on came to tour and more than 70% of those leased! At least 5 times a week prospects would reply thanking me “for the quick response”. On average 2 tours’ a week, from internet leads, would mention more than half of the inquires they sent on line to other properties where never answered! Ridiculous!

I would challenge you to log onto 5 internet marketing sites and request information as if you were a prospect and see what kind of replies you receive. If after this little stint you’re still content with throwing your money away please let me know as I am happy to provide my address so you may mail me checks. When you DON’T reply to your prospects you’re basically PAYING your competitions leasing commissions; that’s where the prospect is going, to your competition. There is no way I would give money up so freely, what about you?

Tina Clauder
Sales & Management Specialist for 15 years.

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