Thursday, November 7, 2013

Copy..of a copy…of a copy.

Ok, so let’s discuss the logic of the phenomenon of this issue that seems to plague leasing offices across the country, one of our top 3 biggest pet peeves; The infamous copy of a copy “original”.

It’s hard for me to understand the logic behind this pattern; oh that’s right because there is none! There is no economic label attached to this standard of operation as I have witnessed Class A – D properties do it. There is nothing and I mean nothing that makes ANY property look worse. There is no business reason that justifies who knows how many times it’s been copied “original”. What is a solid, good reason to justify saying “Please accept this slightly distorted and possibly slanted piece of paper that is either, A) Property Marketing material:   This level of laziness is what you can expect from us if you move here or,  B) Yes, this is a legal binding piece of paper we expect YOU to take seriously;  however, we obviously do not.”

There is NO reason for it. It’s one of the simplest acts we do all day long. If you no longer have the actual original copy, then take 20 minutes to re-create it. Nothing says more about a community than neat, clean and straight documents. I promise it would be the most productive and beneficial 20 minutes you could spend.

                 Tina Clauder and Linda Hansen

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