Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 Things Everyone Should Know About a Leasing Career

 Jeremy Lawson, NALP, Kansas City, Mo.

I am sharing this article from a friend within the Kansas City Apartment Association. It's GREAT!! enjoy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Apartment Leasing Tips - Qualifying Step 3 of the Apartment Leasing Process

Qualifying is the evaluation of the Prospect to determine their suitability for The Apartment Community Criteria. Your apartment community should have a written Resident Selection Criteria signed by the Prospect. This Resident Selection Criteria will be the measurement standard before their apartment rental application will be approved.

With that being said, keep in mind this is not an interrogation. Treat the Prospect with respect, and do not throw out demanding questions to them. Have a well planned and developed guest card that will ask the questions you need. Advise them you want to find them just the right apartment home and you need to ask a few questions.

To qualify the Prospect you will need to know the when, why, what, who and how.

1. When do they need to move into their apartment home? Will you have the size of their choice available?

2. Why are they moving? You may be able to use this information to help point out the reasons to help you during the closing process.

3. What things in particular are they looking for in their apartment home? How can you possibly help them find the right home for them without asking this question?

4. Who will be occupying the apartment home? You may need to let them know where the school bus picks up in the apartment community. Or other necessary pieces of knowledge they’ll need to know to show that this is the right apartment home and the right apartment community.

5. How did they hear about your apartment community? You spend many dollars to make the phone ring or create a traffic visit, so you need to know if the advertising dollars are working for you.

While reviewing the guest card with them, and asking the qualifying questions, this is the time to build rapport. Ask where they work or if they will be bringing a pet with them, making it conversational. People will rent from you because they like YOU so building rapport with the prospect is very important.

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Section 42 or LIHTC communities have income restrictions. Here is my recommendation on explaining the income restrictions:

Blank Community was built or renovated under a housing program that does put guidelines on the annual income in order to qualify initially. Those guidelines are determined by the total number of people in the household. How many people will be living in your apartment home? A household that size has income guidelines of________. Do you think you will qualify?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

There may be some Apartment Communities out there that suffer the constant objection of the apartment being to small. Take a look at this video and fine out how an award-winning Hong Kong architect transforms this tiny 330 square foot apartment in Hong Kong, into 24 different rooms!

See More Amazing Green Homes:

Friday, July 2, 2010


While digging around in some of my file cabinets, I came across this poem like reading. I love it. The author is unknown, but who ever wrote it did a great job!

Many many years ago when I was a Resident Manager I read this for the first time and I felt it to be quite true!!


Leaps tall buildings in a single bound

Is more powerful than a locomotive

Is faster than a speeding bullet

Walks on water

Gives policy to God


Leaps short buildings in a single bound

Is more powerful than a switch engine

Is just as fast as a speeding bullet

Walks on water if the sea is calm

Talks with God


Leaps short building with a running start, and favorable winds

Is almost as powerful as a switch engine

Is faster than a speeding bb

Walks on water in a swimming pool

Talks with God if a special request is approved


Clears a Quonset hut

Losses race with a locomotive

Can fire a speeding bullet

Swims well

Is occasionally addressed by God


Runs into small buildings

Recognizes locomotives two out of three times

Wets him/herself with a water pistol

Dog paddles

Mumbles to animals


Lifts buildings to walk under

Kicks locomotives off the tracks

Catches speeding bullets with his/her teeth

Freezes water with a single glance


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