Friday, August 9, 2019

ForYour Apartment Community

OK, so I’ll bet there is a business that you not only go out of your way for but will recommend that business to your friends and family.  Think about it!  The same applies to the apartment industry.  We should create residents who will become advocates for your apartment community!
Here are some tips to help you get started:
  • Management team share the same common purpose & understand they are a service provider
  • How things are done, community appearance and how the team works together are the key  fundamentals
  • Maintain an attitude of admiration toward your residents & prospects
  • Detailed new-hire and on-going training for team members
  • Stand-up when a prospect enters your office and gives a warm sincere greeting
  • Listen!  Give your undivided attention, make eye contact
  • You are providing someone their home.  Remember this is personal and emotional!
  • Practice common courtesy, don’t keep people waiting, be honest and transparent
  • Show eagerness to help and assist
  • Promptly return calls and emails
  • Explain the processes
  • Seek out ways to help or assist residents
  • Be available
  • Communication, communication, communication
  • Do not avoid confrontation, head towards it
  • The Move-in day is the most critical for lengthy residency.  Make it perfect!
  • Support a charity
  • Keep the team motivated with themes, training, incentives and contests
  • Daily meetings- discuss tasks to complete, tasks completed and any problems or concerns
  • Cross-train team members
  • Treat people R.I.T.E.

·         RESPECT – Treat your residents, prospects and team members with respect and dignity. 
·         INTEREST – Listen and empathize.   Be interested in who they are, and what they say.
·         THOUGHTFUL – Be courteous and kind.  Very courteous and kind.
·         ENTHUSIASM – Be eager for opportunities to help and assist.
Simply, treat people R.I.T.E.!

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