Thursday, April 5, 2018

Ok, so an apartment rental prospect visits your community for consideration of their new home.  A lot may happen before anyone says a word.  They may drive through the apartment community, get out of the car, peek into the common hallways and if there is access, look at the laundry area.  Often a rental prospect will decide if they will lease or not lease within seconds of their arrival.  This is before they enter the leasing office and before anyone says a word.  .  .   
Take a close look at what they will see.  Ask someone to go with you who do not work in the multifamily business.  They will look with fresh eyes.   Ask them to point out any imperfections.  Pay particular attention to:
Building and Curb Appeal  
·         Trash and weeds 
·         Colorful with flowers (seasonal)
·         Inoperative  cars
·         Items and other trash around the dumpster area 
·         Signage, straight and in need of paint
·         Hallways & laundry areas
Leasing office
·         Look inviting with color and fresh scent
·         Spick and span clean. 
·         The front desk should be clean and orderly
o   An unorganized desk gives a poor perception
Management Team
·         Eagerness to please
·         Lots of Smiles
·         Positive attitudes
·         Professional appearance
What happens when the rental prospect enters the leasing office is vital.  Treating people R.I.T.E. (Respect, Interest, Thoughtful, Enthusiasm) is about the experience your prospects receive. 
Before anyone says a word they will feel by the warm enthusiastic smile, “This is going to be good.”

The greeting begins with a word.  .  .
Linda Hansen

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