Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Creating a great customer experience is vital to any business.  Managing and operating a profitable apartment community is no different.  In property management, the customer is the resident, and it is the residents who make the community profitable.  Whilst I understand the importance of reports, files and facilities, they are not a priority, and sometimes we may forget that.  I understand their importance in multifamily management, but the most important priority is The People!  Your residents, prospects, supply / service providers and the management team.  Management teams need a structured plan to help keep them on track to provide exceptional customer experience.

Qualified applicants can choose where they would like to rent.  If carpet is          carpet and a pool is a pool, then it is the personal experience that keeps occupancy rates up and turnover down.

Treat people R.I.T.E.!





Make it simple remind each other to “Treat’em RITE!”  

Respect people by giving them 100% of your attention.  Do not keep them waiting, smile and treat them as if they were a VIP.

Showing Interest in people will demonstrate that you care who they are.  Ask questions and listen carefully.

Show Thoughtfulness.  Let them know that you care about their situations and be proactive by anticipating their needs and wants.

Enthusiasm is necessary to bring the Treat’em R.I.T.E. program to fruition.  Show how enthused you are to provide your resident and prospects with great customer service!

Don’t you think we should Treat people R.I.T.E.??

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