Friday, April 10, 2015

Multifamily Customer Service Program called Treat'em R.I.T.E.

I have talked to supply partners, Regional Property Managers, Community Managers, and other members of management teams from numerous management companies, and we all share the same observations; The loss of focus on priorities.  The concentration seemed to be focused on reports, files and facilities.  I understand their importance in multifamily management, but the most important priority; The People! Management teams need a structured plan to keep them on track of what is truly the purpose as property managers.

Qualified applicants have choices of where they choose to rent.  If carpet is carpet and a pool is a pool, then it is the personal experience that keeps occupancy rates up and turnover down.
You should treat people R.I.T.E.!
Make it simple, remind each other to; “Treat’em RITE!”  
Respect people by a smile, stand up to greet and do not keep them waiting. Treat them as if they were a VIP.
Interest in people will show through your attention to their stories.  Ask questions and learn their needs and wants. Have interest in who they are. Give 100% of your attention.
Be Thoughtful to their situations and proactive by anticipating their needs and wants.
Enthusiasm is a must to carry the Treat’em R.I.T.E. program to fruition.

Don’t you think we should Treat people R.I.T.E.??

Linda Hansen, ARM, HCCP, NALP

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