Thursday, April 8, 2010

Social Media

Social Media is here and I am going to learn, join, participate. Yes, I am talking about Facebook, Twitter and Blog. Do you have any idea how many Social Media sites there are out there? It can be mind blowing. I suggest you join one too. Facebook is a good start. It is easy and there are probably lots of people you know already on Facebook. Others are MySpace and OrKut – check them out. Google these names to get to their sites
There are Social Sites for particular interests. For instance there is for pet lovers. Make sure you type “pets” with an s, because the other site you may get is pet supplies. If movies are your interest there is you may enjoy this one. Another social site is and those who like books, games, movies and music may like this site. Also, this one as well as will connect with Facebook. Flickr will hold your photos and helps make it easy to save and down load your photos. I am very new to flickr so I'm learning.

Here is a site I have in my googlereader and it has lots of great learning articles. This is FUN!!

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