Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Facebook Fanatic by Jeremy Lawson, NALP

What is your community doing to promote your social media sites?

Upon move-in and at renewal time, are just two great times to easily let your residents know how they can keep in touch with your community online.

Whenever a new resident moves into your community remember they are eager to learn! Why not let tell them all about what your awesome community has to offer. A welcome letter you can leave in the apartment is a great place to tell them all about their new home and how they can connect with you socially.

Do you have a cover sheet that you send out with your lease renewals? If so, make sure your social media logos are at the bottom. If not, making one only takes a few minutes and you will be surprised how many current residents may not know how social you really are. You can also add an area to ask for updated contact information and other housekeeping items.

Help your property stand out on search engines

When posting on Facebook and other sites don’t forget to link readers back to your community website. This will help make your community website rank higher on search results. Ultimately, this can help drive more prospective residents to your community. One great idea is to add detailed events to your community website and then say, “visit www… for more information.”

Speaking of community events pages, did you know having links on your calendar will also make you appear higher on search results pages? The more links you have on your website to other pages, the higher “organically” you will appear to searchers. So, add area links to your “Residents Links” page and your Facebook page too, you may even be able to sell the links on your community website to area merchants.

Tweet to you soon,

Jeremy Lawson, NALP

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