Monday, November 15, 2010


Could we possibly write another article or blog on customer service?
I don’t think there can be too many customer service blogs for apartment leasing. Not possible to overdo it on stressing the need or the must for customer service in regards to your apartment residents.

How much does costumer service cost? I feel it is free. I enjoy giving good customer service to my apartment’s residents. I don’t mind assisting and accommodating the Residents needs or wants. This may explain my lack of understanding when I do not received good customer service elsewhere.

While shopping this week end for some boots (everyone I know has some great looking boots! I just had to have some!!). Since it was the week end, and I hate doing my hair. Yes, I really hate doing my hair, so I stuffed it under a ball cap, put on a sweatshirt, jeans and off I went. I was surprised by the lack of customer service I received while looking . . . . less fancy pancy.

OK, I’m not going to go into this any further. Just remember to always give good customer service to your apartment community Residents. THEY DESERVE IT!! Yes, I was yelling at you. Felt good.

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