Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tips on Writing an Ad for Your Apartment Community.

The end result you want when writing an ad is to motivate the reader to visit, call, text, email or search your community on the internet. A really good ad has the prospect interested positively in your community before that contact is made

What makes an ad good? . . This good? There must be something there that he/she wants or needs. The ad should stir the emotional side of the prospect. It is up to you to figure out what that is.

When writing your ad, you must know who your target market is. Take time to think about all the benefits this particular prospect is interested in. I suggest you write several features / benefits down as you brainstorm. This list will help you to design the ad and attract your target prospect.

Start the ad with one benefit in particular. List a benefit that will grab their attention. Remember keep your target prospect in mind. For instance are they young or older? Are they students or work in the area? Will they walk, drive or commute to school or work? I could go on, but I hope you have the idea. What thing in particular would this person really love or want to have?

Make the ad full of action. This will help them picture themselves doing things at their new community. For instance, “walking on the treadmill in the fitness room” or “swimming and sunbathing on the large pool deck”. A bullet list of your amenities holds little value in building a desire to be there.

The ad should have a call to action. Stress urgency that they should “call now” or “stop by to reserve their new apartment home today”. Other suggestions are, “limited time only” or “Just available”.

The name and phone number of your community should be bold and easy to read. Some community logos are not easy to read when put onto print copy. Also list your name with the phone number and more action, “Call today and ask for Linda”. Telling the reader your name will help with the first step of building a rapport and increase the likelihood the prospect will make contact with YOU!

A couple more suggestions are adding a boarder. Boarders give a sense of comfort. Also don’t choose a fancy font. If the ad you’re writing is for a Senior Community, use very basis and easy to read font. Any font that resembles cursive is not suggested. The equal housing logo should be on all community collateral.

I hope these basic suggestions help you in your future ad writing adventure.

Linda Hansen

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